More adorable mobile pics lol


Yes. We take too many pics of ourselves..haha I have to have the memories though and she’s just so cute. Z turned 4 months on the 8th! She’s so flipping big and she started rolling over about a week ago. She’s so good at it lol I’m just waiting for her to start crawling and sitting up now. A strong girl, that one. 😀 2 month shots happened today. It actually went way better than the first time although she did take forever to go to bed tonight. Whew. I’m ready to hit the sack. Gnight


Growing Girl


Azalea is 3 months old today! Like every mom says, “I can’t believe it!”
We went on a walk earlier. Leaving the park I was telling her that I loved her and I thought, I’ll always tell you I love you. Every day. There can’t possibly be a day where I won’t say it. I feel like saying it all the time. Our relationship won’t be like my mom and I’s. We barely ever say it. I hate that. You and I will have the BEST relationship. We will talk about everything and I will let you get your nose pierced when you are older if you really want to. I will take you out to ice cream late at night and we will sleep in a tent in the yard all summer. I’ll let you try on my makeup and heels. I’ll buy you your first concert tickets. I will try my hardest to be there for you every day of your life. I will support you in anything you choose to do. I love you. I love you
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